The Distribution Engineering Workstation (DEW) software suite provides proven analytical tools to solve your largest distribution system problems. All commonly offered analytical tools are included, as well as many tools for enhancing the smart grid that cannot be found elsewhere. EDD software applications have been verified in journal publications and validated in numerous field tests conducted by national labs and multiple utilities. The DEW models and applications are utilized from the design and planning stages to real-time analysis and operational controls, delivering a complete tool that addresses key smart grid challenges identified by the Electric Power Research Institute.

Available Trainings

1. DEW Core (2 days training):

Core modules, which are included in every installation, allow users to construct a fully functional integrated system model and run basic analysis applications. Every DEW installation includes the base set of applications, along with the core toolset and program features.

-Power Flow

-Network Fault Analysis

-Load Estimation

-Line Immittance

2. DEW Extension (2 days training):

DEW Extension modules add more specialized analysis packages, which have been developed to meet specific customer needs and areas of interest. The optional applications are grouped for convenience below, but can be added individually or packaged into your DEW installation.

-Capacitor Design

-Feeder Performance

-Phase Balancing

-Write App Results

-Radial reconfiguration

– Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Adoption Analysis


3. ISGAN (International Smart Grid Action Network)

I teach online classes (continuing credits) about Cost Benefit Analysis of Smart Grid Application

-Time Varying design vs traditional design

-Incremental Cost-Benefit Framework

– Cost Benefit of Smart Functions (Phase Balancing, Capacitor Design, Substation Deferral, Storm Restoration, Coordinated control with Conversation Voltage Reduction (CVR).

Link for ISGAN training web page